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About IKOF

This an indo-korean orthopaedic foundation(IKOF) is a joint initiative between Indian and Korean Orthopaedicians . IKOF was formed with the aim of giving Educational and scientific co-operation between India and Korea , conducting Scientific Programmes, hands on workshops and doctors training programme. . Even at the beginning , the trust could conduct two scientific meetings and hands on workshops. The aim of IKOF is to take active steps in the field of orthopaedic education programmes and for exchange of new ideas and innovation between Indian and Korean orthopaedicians. IKOF supports initiatives aimed at improving the reporting of biomedical research and exchange of new innovations.

Birth of IKOF: The Idea of IKOF was masterminded by Professor Ye Yeon Won .the Ex-Officio President of IKOF.Professor of Orthopaedics at Ajou University Suwon Korea and Professor Dr.P.Gopinathan Professor of Orthopaedics at Calicut India.. The president of IKOF.The other founder members are Professor Anwar marthya,Dr sibin surendran ,dr.Girish rudrappa, and dr Surej Gopinathan.The IKOF aims at expanding co-operation between all interested orthopaedicians in korea and india.the birth of IKOF took place in the minds of young doctors got their training from Korea.

Motto of IKOF

  • To give special training in newer techniques in the treatment to young doctors and Residents in the field of orthopaedics, so that they can impart such benefits to the public, at local hospitals both in India and Korea.
  • To conduct seminars, conferences, hands on work shops, demonstration of surgery in the ever evolving field of orthopaedics, so that all doctors, there by public will get benefit out of it.
  • To educate and advice the public about the useful trends in the field of medical science and its applications.
  • To send the young doctors to training to other centers of excellence especially Korea.
  • to subsidize the treatment cost, for poor patients.
  • While fulfilling these objectives, no discrimination in respect of cast, creed religion, gender or geographic consideration shall be made.


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