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Topics Arthrocon 2015

10 Tips for a perfect Primary TKR

TKR in valgus knee – tips for success

TKR in complex varus knee

TKR in extra articular deformities

How to achieve perfect patellar tracking

Kinematically Aligned TKR

Instability in TKR, causes and management

Management of tibial bone defect

CR knees – My Choice

CS Knee – My Choice

Infected TKR my treatment algotharism

Live Surgery

panel discussion

ACL reconstruction pearls and pitfalls

Graft options and technique for harvesting

MCL injuries acute and chronic

Pcl reconstruction , when and how

PLC Injuries How I deal

Patellar instability treatment algorithm

Transportal/transtibial – portal placement in ACL reconstruction current thoughts

Anterior knee pain

Meniscal repair

Arthroscopic instrument care and sterilization

Rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction

Hands on workshop


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